How To Have A Productive Sick Day

The leaves are falling, the wind is blowing... Winter is in the air. And so are germs. This is the season for getting, giving, and spreading germs. As I lay in bed at 3 p.m. for the first time on my sick day, I can't help but think how much more productive I was than I am on any day off I have had in a while. I have done so much (besides just being sick) and I don't feel one ounce of guilt about it. If there is one thing that I am immune to, it's a lazy day. I just can't have a day where I do absolutely nothing. So if you're like me, continue reading on how you can be productive even while coughing, sneezing, and blowing your nose.

For Your Favorite Teacher This Holiday Season...

1. Straedleter Triplus Fineliner Pens   2. Adidas Women Original Superstar Shoes 3. Erin Condren agenda 4. Lined Sticky Notes 5. Tote Bag (this one's from Nordstrom) 6. Keurig 7. Swell Water Bottle

In case you want to shop smart or splurge a little bit this holiday season, I am sure most (if not all) teachers would agree that at least half of these items are on their wishlist. The great thing about these gifts is that they can be used inside and outside of the classroom. There are also tons of different versions of these very same products that you can choose from. No matter who your favorite teacher is, they will be sure to love these gifts (and you) for a very long time after they open them.

Conquering Those Weekly To Do's

As a teacher, one thing I have learned is that I will never ever have a to-do list that is completely checked off and completed. However, this has not stopped me from my favorite past time. It has almost become like a challenge for me to see how many of my tasks I can actually accomplish in the week. Not only has this increased my productivity but it has also made my life a lot easier in terms of turning the jumble of things in my brain into concrete projects for me to complete. Here are my tips for making and tackling your to do lists head on...

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things (Hopefully)

My last post was a little over two months ago and it was the night before the first day of school. Man, oh man how things have changed and stayed the same since that post. Quick highlight reel:
  • First month and some change of teaching was absolutely horrendous. Nothing I was doing was working and I just couldn't get through to my kids. 
  • Exhaustion has a whole new meaning to me. I don't think I ever truly understood until I worked four 12-hour days back to back. 
  • I love people. And hate people. But what else is new?
  • Believe it or not I am slowly becoming an introvert. I guess spending 8 hours each day with 23 little humans is enough human contact for me. 
  • I am in love with my little humans. They really make my day great and make it horrible. But at the end of the day, I am super duper happy with the relationship and bond that we've formed already.
I could go on and on for days about how my first two months went (stay tuned for related post) as a teacher but that's not why I'm here. 

I'm here because my fingers are flying across this keyboard so fast like they're running to their soldier returning home from the war - dramatic, I know, but hear me out. I have missed this like crazy. I've begun to let some of my passions go because I'm "too busy" or "too tired" or whatever other excuse I can come up with. I need this back in my life. I want this back in my life.



Turning Self Doubt into Confidence

Tomorrow I begin my journey as a fourth grade teacher. Up until today, I have had ridiculous amounts of anxiety and all kinds of nerves about this new chapter in my life. Who thought that I was capable of educating 25 nine-year-old kids? Why did I think that I could ever do this? Am I the only one feeling like a chicken running around with its head cut off [sorry vegetarians/vegans for that graphic imagery]? The self doubt I have been feeling has been all consuming to the point where I'm constantly in tears and fighting this constant internal battle of whether to give up or keep pushing. Usually when I begin something new, although I am nervous about it, the thought of giving up on it or thinking I'm not good enough for the job never ever enters my mind. But this time has been completely different... Up until today. So what changed?

P E R S P E C T I V E 

I went to church, as I make it a point to do every single Sunday that I am able, and I got everything I needed and more out of the message. Through Pastor Steven's word I was able to change my perspective completely and take it off of myself and put it on Him and what He is calling me to do for the next 180 days in the classroom and beyond. I had to change my question from "What can God do for me?" to "What can God do through me?" Whose lives can I touch through my teaching or even through just my presence in that classroom?

It may seem like something small to you, but to me it was everything that I needed to hear. Once I shifted the focus off of myself (something that I struggle with in more than just this setting), I realized that this is bigger than me. If I spend time worrying about what I'm doing right or wrong in the classroom, it's taking the spotlight off of the real reason that I am embarking on this journey as a teacher and educator. Not for me. But for them. The kids.

So this is how I am turning self doubt into confidence. Not self confidence but confidence in Him that He will move through me to change some lives this year. Happy first day of school everyone!